Stud Hair Growth Treatment For Men

Stud Hair Growth Treatment For Men

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This Is A Natural, Easy To Use Hair Growth Treatment For Men Of All Ethnic Groups 

It contains Biotin; Biotin is a Vitamin that assists with rapid hair growth and repair. When taken orally it can cause nausea. Our lab came up with this non oral product that works magic.

So Now You Can Apply It Externally.

How Does It Work?

Biotin is commonly used for hair loss, brittle nails, nerve damage, and a few other conditions.

It is an important component of the enzymes in the body and low Biotin levels shows symptoms which include thinning of the hair.

Don't Miss Out On The Benefits Of Using Biotin Which Include;

  1. Double Your Normal Hair Growth
  2. Re-Growth On Bald Patches
  3. Thickness 
  4. Shine 
  5. Strength
  6. Prevention Of Dry Hair
  7. Healthy Looking And Easy To Handle Hair

A Smooth And Soft 125 ml PVC Bottle With Lotion Pump Head

The Content Is A Creamy White, Water Base Substance With A Pleasant Smell. It Is Safe and Can Be Used Every Day

Proud Member of the CTFA “Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association" Of South Africa