BosBek Hair Growth Spray (Another Signature Product!)

BosBek Hair Growth Spray (Another Signature Product!)

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Are You Starting To Go Bald Or Do You Experience That Your Hair Is Thinning Fast?

This is A Natural, Easy To Use Hair Growth For Men Of All Ethnic Groups

It contains Distilled Water With Minerals And Vitamins That Stimulates The Hair Follicles For Growth And Repair.

Originally Formulated For Chemo Patients To Assist In Re-growth And The Product is Lab Approved 

Don't Miss Out On The Benefits That Include;

  1. Double Your Normal Hair Growth
  2. Regrowth On Bald Patches
  3. Thickness 
  4. Shine 
  5. Strength
  6. Prevents Dryness
  7. Healthy Looking And Easy To Handle Hair  

A Smooth And Soft 125 ml PVC Bottle, With Spay Pump Head And See Through Cap

The Content Is Watery, With A Pleasant Smell. It Is Safe, and Can Be Used Every Day

Proud Member of the CTFA “Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association" Of South Africa