About us


This Website Is Our Contribution To Women And Men With Thinning Hair And Hair Growth Issues.


We Help Women and Men From All Ethnic Groups With Hair Growth And Hair Care Products. The Results from These Products are Healthy, Shining, Strong Hair And Quick Hair Growth.


”Your Hair Is A Statement Of Style, An Affirmation Of Beauty, And An Expression Of Self Love”- Unknown.



Cancer is a very cruel reality…especially if you lose your hair after chemo. There are various other reasons for loosing hair and thinning hair as well. Your diet, lack of certain Vitamins like Biotin, getting older, hormone imbalance, stress, pregnancy, and various other reasons contribute to hair loss.


This product was originally formulated for patients that had Chemotherapy, lost their hair, and wanted their hair to grow back fast.


Whether you do shopping, dining, wine or gin tasting, dancing, board games with friends, or just chill with the family ...Your Hair Still Is A Statement Of Style, An Affirmation Of Beauty, And An Expression Of Self Love…

So if Want To Look Your Best, But Your Hair Is A Mess? Bombshell And Stud From Hair Boss Will Fix You Up.


The Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

Being in the beauty and cosmetic industry for many years now, made us decide to add this wonderful natural and organic product to assist those in need of beautiful hair and hair growth.

Adding value to the beauty industry is our purpose. The product has been tested for more than a year before we launched it, and were developed by a professor at Wits University in Johannesburg SA. The product helps hair grow faster due to hair loss from chemotherapy and other hair loss or slow grow reasons.


The product

The product has been sold in various hair salons as well as through consultants all over South Africa and neighboring countries. We have hundreds of testimonies of highly pleased customers and this hair growth product is suitable for all ethnic groups.

Our Vision is To Add Exceptional Value to the Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry In Terms Of Quality, Efficacy And Safety.

We Solve Excessive Hair Loss, Hair Growth And Hair Maintenance With Hair Growth Products That Prevents Hair Loss and Assist With Hair Growth, Thinning Hair, Baldness And Dry Or Damaged Hair.

This formulation improves blood circulation, detoxifies the scalp and stimulates follicles for improved hair growth. It supplies valuable nutrients to the hair roots and shaft thereby promoting hair growth

Our Product Has Natural Organic Ingredients That Easily And Quickly Penetrate Onto The Skin. It Has Been Tested And Declared Safe For Human Use, Has A 2 Year Expiration Date And Is Approved By SABS, ISO 9001.


Biotin benefits for hair growth

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin that’s a part of the vitamin B family. It’s also known as vitamin H. Your body needs biotin to help convert certain nutrients into energy. It also plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

Biotin helps you maintain healthy looking hair and nails, helping to prevent them from looking brittle and dull. Taking Biotin with other proven nutrients for healthy hair growth helps promote healthier looking and thicker hair in line with your natural hair growth cycle.


✓ Promotes Healthy, Full, Lustrous Hair ✓ Thickens and Strengthens Hair ✓ Nourishes Hair From Within ✓ Prevents Hair Loss ✓ Helps Re-Grow Hair


Our business

Our business sells goods or services online and the website as well as the Face book page represents a corporate office or headquarters. The business delivers goods and provides services to all our customer's locations.

Hair Boss With Products Bombshell And Stud, As well As Bosbek, Is A Subdivision Of Mon Cheri Cosmetics Business Trust With Registration Number IT11799/07, Which Focuses On Woman And Men's Hair Loss Problems Due To Chemotherapy And Other Hair Growth Reasons.


The Manufacturing Company Is a Member of CTFA, the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association of South Africa.


Wear it Your Way

As your hair is part of your identity and a beautiful form of self-expression; you need to be sure to take good care of it.

In order to maintain and improve healthy hair, our bodies require special nutrients.

Modern diet routines and environmental factors starve our bodies of these essential nutrients, often leaving our hair unhealthy. Specific nutrients feed the hair from the root ensuring healthy hair growth and condition.


The Bombshell Treatment and Hair Growth Spray Combo Kit combines 2 specialist products to promote the production of healthy, fast growing strong hair. 

Care for your hair and conquer the day with natural ingredients, powered by science, and backed by pharmaceutical hair care companies.