Did you know this about massages?

Not only does a massage make you feel good, it also helps stimulate blood circulation.

For this reason a head massage is just as good for you.

For Hair Care and Hair Growth, Try Massaging Your Scalp

Not only does a head massage make you feel good, but it also helps stimulate blood circulation. It mobilizes scalp oils that strengthen the roots and keep your hair moist.

A scalp massage with a good hair growth increases the chances of your hair becoming long and strong. You scalp is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients and is a natural hair conditioner.

If you are not getting a head massage at your salon, ask your hubby/wifely, or like in our circumstances, your grandchildren to do it. They love to do it!

Also distribute your hair's natural oils by brushing just before bedtime

Going to bed with un-brushed hair may seem tempting when you're tired, but giving your hair a few quick strokes can be great for its health. This simple step each night helps increase circulation, which helps make your scalp healthier.

I myself am on pension already, but I can still remember my grandma’s beautiful hair and the way she combed it every night before going to bed.

Wishing you only good Hair Days!

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